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A great solitaire and a very addictive game!



I went ahead and bought this before I forgot. I think I have ALL your games in one format or the other. I love your games and the art work.

I had a bad fall so haven't been able to be on the PC for any length of time. I did download it but haven't installed it yet. I will as soon as my back gets better because these are the types of games that are good to play when you can't do much on the PC.


Thank you for your support!


I know this is five days late. I just want to let you know that I did see this when the alert first hit my e-mail, and I did play it.

The original reason that I became a fan of Faerie Solitaire is because of the world-building and story around a simple Solitaire premise. I hope I don't offend that I only played about five rounds of Big Klondike, at least so far.


Still, thanks to the Fae franchise introducing me to the idea of cards as an appealing pass-time, I did get some enjoyment out of this simple digital piece. I commend you.


We plan on adding more meta content to this game time, but it's just not a game set in the FaeVerse so that's understandable. There will be more FS/FaeVerse games in the future!