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StarOde is a NES era inspired RPG. It is also inspired by more modern retro projects such as Nobuyuki's Spelunkid and Yacht Club Games's Shovel Knight. StarOde is meant to play and feel like a genuine NES game, but with some few constraints removed for better play experience such as the ability to play with a gamepad, keyboard, mouse, or touch screen - plus widescreen display support.

StarOde Planned Features:

  • Build a party of your making to battle against foes! Create new characters and swap them out as you like, or recruit new friends from among the stars.
  • Choose your classes: Specter, Ranger, Acolyte, Brute, Medic, Legion, Engineer, Ghost, Pantheon, Heavy, Mercenary, Scholar, Drifter, Janitor, Shogun, Deprived - in the end game, evolve your class to start over as a level 1 character, and unlock the most powerful abilities.
  • Chose your races: Human, Mush, Au Tau, Igni, Lix, Harrow, Baron, Uect, Aether, Velian, Ex Nox, Builder - plus unlock more as you play!
  • Explore varied worlds full of heroic and legendary creatures.
  • Learn about the many complex conflicts all over the stars, about the creatures and peoples who live far away.
  • Get loot to deck out your team's loadout. Defeat bosses for a chance at their unique gear and legendary weapons.
  • Phase in and out of zones at any time - replay zones as often as you like for even more loot.
  • Discover and collect minions and pets which follow you, grow as you battle, and lend their aid in combat.
  • Widescreen display support.
  • Play with a gamepad, your keyboard, mouse, or a touch screen - we're working to make playing with all of these input methods possible.
  • Includes language support for English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish (with more possible later!)

Note about features: There is still work and development to do. Some things will certainly change.

StarOde is being made mostly entirely by https://twitter.com/pkeod using the new game engine http://www.defold.com/ which is free, and great!

Official site: https://www.starode.com/

StarOde will also be available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and Steam. Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux will be downloadable here. Your pre-purchase will grant you keys to as many 3rd party sites as we can offer.

Release Date: TBA - Check StarOde development progress thread here.