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Good casual game. Thank you for free linux version.

There's no version to select to download in the itch client. Worked fine when downloading from the website though so will try it out.

Same here.

No idea why that isn't working. If you can point me to an article of something I need to set up that would be helpful.

I have no clue as I'm just a user and peasant :P
I guess it should work if it passes this?

I guess their Discord and/or forum might be a place to check out.

Btw, should I just buy one of the other editions to support you as I really like this game so I'd love to give you a few bucks for it :)

I did not use their butler tool to upload only uploaded a simple zip. But I'll look into using it in the future so maybe that will fix the problem.

Do as you please, I appreciate your support! :)

3 months later I think I figured out the problem. The Linux checkbox for the download wasn't checked. Check and see?


Works great now :)